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This page will answer your questions about the how's and whys of Gift Fruit Shipping, Internet Commerce, Specific products, and Credit Card Safety. If your question isn't answered here, please email us (t.mack@florida-citrus.com) or give us a call (Grove - 863.670.6963) and we will try our best to get an answer for you. You may find some of this information repeated elsewhere on the site, or better described on its own page.

How long for my gift to arrive?

We process all of our gift orders the day they are received both email and telephone orders. We deliver your fruit when you want it to arrive. All gifts are packed into crush-proof boxes, shipped in an insulated truck to protect the fruit from heat and cold to the local post office in the city where your fruit will be delivered. Delivery averages around 4 days from the date it is shipped. The shipping date is determined by the date that you want your gift to arrive.

How much does it cost to deliver my fruit?
All prices in this website include shipping in the USA. Please note there is an additional $15.00 US for shipments to Canada If, you need to send your gift in 2-3 days in the continental United States, we will ship up to one-bushel fruit (size), via Expedited Delivery; after sending you a quoted shipping cost for your approval. You of course may ship as many gifts as you would like; we just have to limit the size to one bushel. Please call us about the extra charges and delivery schedules, 800.713.7848 X 3088.

When are the Florida-Citrus Varieties available?

Unless you order a specific variety of fruit, we pack and ship the most select and freshest oranges in season, mixed with Ruby Red Grapefruit. We have provided a separate web page just for citrus variety availability. Even though we try to predict when a variety will be ready, Mother Nature sometimes varies the ripening process, so it is always good to inquire if your favorite is still available.
In Season Citrus Calendar

How are my gifts packed?
We custom select and hand pack each gift box. We use an exclusive and colorful gift box that has an integral hinged lid that fully protects your gift fruit during shipment. Most shipping services do not offered this level of shipping protection. Another benefit of our integral lid is the ease of refrigerator storage that our gift trays allow you or your recipient to preserve our special grove-fresh quality by storing the box (es) directly in the refrigerator. As an added bonus you can use each individual box as an attractive gift. For example, order a one-bushel box of fruit and you will have four separate covered boxes to give to your friends. We are also using a special sealing tape and inspection methods to insure your gift arrives just like we packed it. Look for Inpector Stanley on the packing tape.

What kind of package material is used in the box?
We have variety of packing materials to use. Depending upon the variety of fruit you have selected we carefully wrap each one in colorful tissue, straw or shredded tissue to protect and insulate it during shipping. Especially delicate fruit is cushioned by a layer of foam on the bottom of the gift tray. We do everything we can to make sure that each piece of Florida-Citrus fruit reaches your doorstep in grove fresh condition.

How much fruit should I order?
This is the eternal question...We at Florida-Citrus suggest you order a minimum of 1/2 bushel of gift fruit. Since our fruit is grove-fresh our tree-ripe Oranges and Grapefruit will stay fresh in the refrigerator for two to four weeks. We know that the nutritional folks recommend that you have at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day. Soooo....a 1/2 bushel of fresh Florida-Citrus will easily provide enough fruit for one person for about a week. (Unless they are like us and eat the whole 1/2 bushel in two days!) Each gift tray is packed with as much fruit as it can hold. The size of the fruit and variety will vary the number of fruits each tray can hold. However each tray will weigh approximately eleven pounds. So for a rule of thumb we provide the following chart:

For one Person......................1/2 Bushel (2 Trays)

For 2 to 3 People..................1/2 - 1 Bushel (2-4 Trays)

For 4 to 6 People...................3/4 - 1 Bushel (3-4 Trays)

For more than 6 People.........1 - 1-1/2 Bushel(4-6 Trays)

Samples of various size gift trays

How do I Customize my gift?
We can customize your gift with a variety of FREE gift liners. During the ordering process you can select from any of the following gift liners:

 Thanksgiving Greeting

Star of David


Season's Greetings

 Valentine's Day

Thank You

Happy Anniversary

Happy Easter

Happy Birthday

Happy New Year

Mother's Day


Happy Hanukkah

Get Well Soon

Thinking of You


How do I send a Citrus fruit gift to arrive each month?
We have two different programs. The first is for 3 months and the second is for 6 months. Follow this link to the Calendar collection

How do I order?
We can take your order in a variety of ways:

The easy way is to use our on line Secure Server Layer (SSL) order system.

You can also give us a call at our Gift Fruit Catalogue number 800.713.7848 and place your order with one of our Gift Consultants.

We have a selection of items that are only available via on-line ordering. You can email us an order using the email link on the item page, however, DO NOT send your credit card information with this email form. We will email you or if you provide us with a phone number, give you a call back to finish up the order.

You can call us directly at the Grove  863.670.6963 and place an order. Leave your name, number and best time to call if you miss us, since we are usually out in the barn or grove tending to the trees and fruit.

What is SSL and how safe is it?
Secure Server Layer or SSL is extremely safe. The basics consist of a complex numerical algorithm that scrambles the information you are transmitting from your computer to our website. Your Browser software can recognize our SSL software and will tell you when the secure link has been established. You may see a pop-up screen telling you that you are about to receive a secure document and you will see either the "key" or "padlock" in the lower left portion of your monitor join together. If you do not see the key or padlock join together, do not fill out the form, contact us via email or use the
800.713.7848 or 863.670.6963 numbers to notify us the SSL is not working and to place your order. We have the following links and information available for you to read if you wish to learn more or do some more research. In its most basic form, online ordering is very safe. Once you complete your order selection and you are ready to check out, your computer and browser software enters into a direct link with our SSL server. Once your credit card information is entered it is transferred over a direct link to First Data Corporation's computer and then transmitted directly to our financial institution. We use Virtual Cart as the SSL provider, because of their close relationship with First Data Corporation and to our financial institution.

What about the Internet only order items?

We have a variety of items that are only available via Internet SSL ordering, e-mail requests or by calling the Grove number  863.670.6963. These items are identified on each of their pages, if we have missed one please call or send an Email.

What about my personal information I give you over the Internet?

We consider it just that, your personal and private information. We do not sell, or publish any information you impart to us.

Will I get "Spammed" from your company?

No. However, we will from time to time send you email letting you know about any sales, specials, or new items we have. It will be information much like you receive now from other Stores and Catalogue's you shop in.

Contact us At E-mail: t.mack@florida-citrus.com
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