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Boxes of Fresh Florida Citrus

This page can get you started on fulfilling all of your gift needs.

Tree Ripe Citrus 


 Seasons Choice Bonus Box

 Fall Tangerines

 Tasty Fall Tangerines

 Ruby Red Grapefruit

 Temple Oranges

 Honeybell Sampler

 Navels and Bell's

 Honey Bell Tangelos

  First and Last Honey Bell Tangelos

Baby Bell Tangelos 

Honey Tangerines 

Valencia Oranges

Citrus Calendar Collection

Baskets and Assortments

Unique Baskets 

 Svrlinga Grove Basket

 Svrlinga Grove Picnic Basket

 Florida in a Jar

Special Occasions 

Florida Fruit Sampler 

Deluxe Sampler 

Baby Citrus Fruits

Florida Keys Cakes 

 Priority Mail One Tray

 Priority Mail Bonus Box

Special Gift Items 

Jams, Jellies, & Honey 

Sweets and Nuts 

 Orchard Sampler

Harvest Jubilee

The Ultimate Medley
For 1 Person........




1/2 Bushel (2 Trays)

 For 2 to 3 People....  1/2 - 1 Bushel (2-4 Trays)
 For 4 to 6 People....  3/4 - 1 Bushel (3-4 Trays)
 For more than 6 People  1 - 1-1/2 Bushel(4-6 Trays)

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